Full Stack Software Development &

Brief Skills Info

Problem solver and imagineer at heart, Felipe has a vast experience in many industries and can easily adapt to various situations and environments. He is once again happy to embrace change pivoting his mechanical engineering career into IT.

Detailed Bio

Holding a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with years of work experience in such varied fields as sustainable buildings, machine design, energy analysis (among others), and now transitioning into the exciting world of bits and code as a Full Stack/Software developer, Felipe is the owner of an inquisitive mind, a very resilient and analytical person. Felipe would be a great asset for any company creating new paradigms, relentlessly finding solutions to problems as well.

A self-learner at heart who will never stop being curious and will tenaciously look for better ways to accomplish tasks, Felipe seeks progress continuously, and growing along with the times, he gives his most and learns uninterruptedly while at it, especially new technologies and software development.

Building authentic personal relationships with a diverse group of people has also been and will continue to be one of his main skills. As a multilingual person, being fluent in 3 languages, Felipe can easily interact with an assorted group of cultures and is well-suited for teamwork and constructing meaningful business relationships.

His skills in IT include HTML • JavaScript• CSS • Node.js • C# • React • Bootstrap • SQL • GitHub
• Unity • Unreal Engine • Python

On his spare time Felipe enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar, camping, inline skating on ramps and rails, reading about 3D printing and AI, and building flying machines out of balsa, foam board and electronics.

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