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Be ready for the digital world, be bold with your website! I can help you as a full stack developer. If I know it, I'll do it. If I don't, I'll find a way! Henry is ready and eager to help businesses and clients in full stack software development!

Detailed Bio

Henry has always been curious about technology and how things work. He dissected transistor radios in his early teens, wrote his first computer program in high school using BASIC, and later built his first PC. His love of technology led him to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (minor in computer science). Technology has always been part of him.

His passion in technology led him to pursue a career in telecommunications. Henry fully demonstrated perseverance and leadership with a former employer. He convinced management, through multiple management changes, the benefits of a new common production test framework. This resulted in savings of over $1M in capital expenditure in the first year and 60% savings in annual labour costs. His proven leadership, technology acuteness, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and sense of humour afforded him to successfully manage a product development team of a dozen software engineers.

Henry derives great pleasure in helping and mentoring others. He regularly resolves computer problems for friends. He even designed and implemented a data and voice network (VOIP) for a friend’s business. He keeps tap on advances in the technology sector by visiting a collection of technology websites. His interests are not limited to technology. As a first-time backyard mechanic, his proudest achievements were replacing all four struts and the timing belt of his vehicle.

As a seasoned professional Henry fundamentally believes in confronting obstacles with realistic positivity. Please contact him to discuss your software development needs or, just hook up for a chat.

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