Full Stack Software Development &

Brief Skills Info

Raegan has a passion and intellectual curiosity for solving technical challenges. An accomplished professional with extensive experience, she is enthusiastic and determined to transition her technical expertise to a new and exciting career in IT.

Detailed Bio

Raegan has always had a naturally curious mind, leading her to where her passions lie. In university she found her niche in Geology, where over a 14-year span, she created innovative technical solutions through detailed technical analysis, research and analytics. As Raegan is no stranger to overcoming adversity, she quickly adopted a new passion and creative outlet, rooted in code!

Software / Full-Stack Development is similar to her previous career in that it involves solving complex technical challenges, feeds her ever inquisitive mind with a path of continuous learning, and allows her to master the newest and latest technologies to deliver creative solutions.

As part of the Software / Full-Stack Development Course, Capstone group project, she developed a series of dynamic and interactive web pages that allowed the novice “Evaluator” to create, customize and collaborate on an “evaluation” plan(s). The team designed a proposal and scoping objectives, developed website mock-ups, draft designs, functionality tests, and conducted database design and testing utilising Jira and Agile methodologies.

Programming Languages:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • C#
  • SQL


  • MySQL
  • MS-SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Express.js
  • RESTful API


  • GitHub

On the weekends Raegan can be found enjoying the great outdoors – snowboarding, hiking/scrambling, or mountain biking. She is enthusiastic about music, dance, and culture and can often be found mastering a new technical dance.

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