Shiju George

Data Analytics &

Brief Skills Info

Shiju is a self-confessed podcast junkie and lifelong learner who is interested in personal growth and creative thinking. He is passionate about the stories that data has to tell, and how those insights could be used to improve people’s lives.

Detailed Bio

Shiju has a solid foundation in the following data analytics skills and tools:

  • Relational database management and design using Microsoft T-SQL to query data and create stored procedures.
  • Determining variable correlations and models using IBM Predictive Analytics Modeller
  • Creating visualizations and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI.
  • Principles of cloud computing using Microsoft Azure services such as Azure Data Factory.
  • The Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes; application of the concepts using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.
  • The Python programming language and how to use it for data analysis.
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