EDGE UP (Energy to Digital Growth Education and Upskilling Project) is a short-duration, experiential-based learning program for Oil and Gas professionals who have been displaced from the Oil and Gas sector in Calgary. By building on your existing skillset and experiences, EDGE UP will help you take advantage of high-demand, high-growth digital technology employment opportunities across all industries in Calgary. The best training pathway will be identified for each participant based on validated skills mapping data. Selected participants will be provided an ‘ICTC Transitioning to ICT Work’ course, Tech Skills Development Training and an Industry Assignment. All pathways will help participants build a path to employment and improve labour market integration outcomes for new employees in the ICT sector. The training provided is at no cost to the participant. Click here for more information.

The Program

Stay tuned for future training opportunities.

Program Duration Program Breakdown
Phase I Transitioning to Tech Work (ICTC) – Part I
Phase II Tech training (University of Calgary Continuing Education, SAIT, and Bow Valley College) for 4-5 months; includes work integrated learning opportunities (i.e., capstone projects with Riipen).
Phase III Transitioning to Tech Work (ICTC) – Part II
Phase IV Workplace Placement Assistance

During the program, students must be able to support themselves for up to six months. Programs are funded for successful applicants. Successful applicants will enroll in one-of-three offered options. Please see below for the program outlines.

Full-time post-secondary training timelines are dependent upon the specific program. Timelines will vary between five-to-six months. Program participants must have access to a personal laptop and high-speed internet.

Laptop specifications:
Intel quad core CPU (i5 or i7)
8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
13 inch 1080p screen (15 inches recommended)
a dedicated graphics card with 2GB of VRam
128GB solid state hard drive (256GB recommended)
portable hard drive (for data backup)
Windows 10

** Equivalent specification in an Apple MacBook Pro is acceptable.


Training Program Options

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Information Technology Project Management Program


This program is designed to help participants acquire IT Project Management knowledge and skills. It covers a variety of concepts, tools and techniques specific to IT. Both, traditional and agile project management methods are examined.

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Data Analytics Program


This program is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and aptitude for participants to apply fundamental principles of data analytics to support business decision-making processes, creating accurate and meaningful data to provide actionable insights.

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Development Program


This program will provide students with strong front-end and back-end programming skills, alongside skills in full stack development. Students can expect to learn web fundamentals (HTML, Javascript, etc.) and database theory (SQL, etc.).

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Is EDGE UP right for you?

Check back for program updates.

Prior to completing the application form, please check out the Mapping Calgary’s Digital Future report and visit the Calgary Upskill website to explore your career transition.

The Skills Matching Tool is based on a study, through collaborative efforts between ICTC and Calgary Economic Development, conducted to better understand the most in-demand digital careers. Use the tool to learn how your skills match with in-demand tech roles.

Take the self-assessment eligibility questionnaire


To be considered for the program, you must meet all of the eligibility criteria. Although program tuition is funded by Future Skills Centre, it is not eligible for student loans or living allowance. For applicants who are currently on EI or are eligible for EI, contact a Service Canada representative.


More Information

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