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  • Be a Permanent Resident, Citizen of Canada legally entitled to work in Canada or persons whom Refugee Protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act2
  • Be a resident of the Calgary region
  • Be a displaced professional from the Oil & Gas sector, or related industry
  • Be unemployed or underemployed at the time of application
  • Hold a post-secondary degree or diploma in engineering, earth sciences, or a related technical STEM discipline and be a ‘mid-career’ worker with a minimum of 2 years of related professional work experience… OR… Hold a non-STEM degree or diploma and be a ‘mid-career’ worker with a minimum of 5 years of related professional work experience
    CLB Level 7 – English language proficiency (or proof on English fluency)
  • Must be able to commit to a period of 8 months full-time (4 months of full-time studies plus a 3–4-month full-time internship)
  • Be able to support yourself financially during the program

Yes.  The program design was created in consultation with the needs of employers that are hiring tech talent.  Understanding the differences between the tech sector and oil and gas, and applying your employable skills through hands-on experience was identified as 2 important phases in the EDGE UP program.

All participants will be required to attend full-time training on weekdays, and may be required to complete homework assignments outside of training hours

Phases Description Time Commitment
Phase I Transition to Tech Training 2-3 weeks; part-time
Phase II Foundations of Digital Transformation Training 1-2 days; full-time
Phase III Technical Training 3-4 months; full-time weekdays
Phase IV Work-Integrated Learning Part 1 – Capstone Project, 2-3 weeks; full-time; paid through stipend
Part 2 – WIL Digital Program, 3-4 months; full-time; paid through wage subsidy

No, this program is for oil and gas professionals displaced from the sector as a result of the downturn.

Please visit the EDGE UP applicants page to read about program phases and to access training outlines for each training stream

You would be considered as underemployed and potentially eligible for the EDGE UP program.  Note that the program requires a full-time commitment, with full-time weekday training and homework outside of training hours.

Each training stream will have slightly different schedules. Students can expect 3-5 hours of lectures/class time per day. In addition, instructors expect students to commit 3-4 hours to homework and project work per day outside of class.

At this time, the training will start through a remote (virtual) format, however, the training could be delivered in class, depending on the discretion of the EDGE UP training partner and the COVID-19 health restrictions at the time.

Yes, in fact for the EDGE UP 2.0 program, you will be able to apply the tech skills you’ve learned through 2 forms of work integrated learning:

  • Capstone Project through Riipen Level UP
  • Work Integrated Learning Wage Subsidy Program, 3-4 months (ICTC)

There are two work integrated learning components in EDGE UP. For the capstone project provided through Riipen, you could receive a $1400 stipend upon project completion. For the longer WIL Digital Program, participating companies are required to pay EDGE UP students fair market value wage, to be eligible for wage subsidy.

EDGE UP 2.0: A Scaling Opportunity” is funded by the Government of Canada under the Future Skills program. Those accepted into the program do not have to pay for the training, but there is an expectation of full attendance and participation in project work. If you require new technology to take the program (like purchasing a new personal computer or earphones), that cost is not covered by EDGE UP.

There are two main technology requirements for EDGE UP students:

1. A reliable internet connection

2. A laptop or computer*** with the following specifications:

  • Intel quad core CPU (i7 recommended)
  • 8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
  • 13-inch 1080p screen (15 inches recommended)
  • Dedicated graphics card with 2GB of VRam
  • 256GB solid state hard drive (512GB recommended)
  • Portable hard drive (for data backup)
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • Antivirus/malware protection

***A computer is sufficient for online learning, but if the training returns to an in-class format, a laptop will be required.

** Equivalent specification in an Apple MacBook Pro is acceptable.

**MacOSX is not supported for Data Analytics program

**requirements may vary depending on training stream

You will receive a certificate of completion once you’ve completed the technical training and the work-integrated learning capstone project with Riipen. Another certificate could be available for completing the WIL Digital Program placement, if participant is not already employed.

Not necessarily. Equal consideration will be given to repeat applicants and new applicants.

  1. Carefully review the eligibility criteria to determine if the EDGE UP program is the right program for you and which training stream is the best fit for you.
  2. Complete initial eligibility questions on the applicants page
  3. Complete application form (personal information, educational background, work experience, etc.)
  4. Following review of your application – if you are potentially considered for the program, you will be sent an information video to review and to confirm that you are aware of the ‘funded’ program expectations followed by a link for an interview.
  5. A short live video interview will then be conducted
  6. If you are selected for the program, you will receive an acceptance email. If not, we will share information on other programs and resources in the Calgary region, in case you’re interested. **Please note – due to the overwhelming interest in the program, we can only select a limited number of participants per training cohort.

All EI requests must be directed to Service Canada and any considerations will be directed under the sole discretion of Service Canada.

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