The EDGE UP program aims to assist employers who are experiencing a shortage of digital technology skills and labour by creating and building a new digital tech talent pool. Through EDGE UP, displaced Oil and Gas professionals will build upon their skills and experiences through short-term, post-secondary training that will equip them with the skills they need to take advantage of Calgary’s numerous open digital technology positions.

Connect with our available Edge Up graduates

Why we need employers like you

Calgary Economic Development and its industry partners request your help to build Calgary’s digital technology talent pool. From our recent Mapping Calgary’s Digital Future report, we learned that many displaced Oil and Gas professionals possess at least half of the necessary experiences, skills, as well as business and technical competencies, to transition into demanding digital technology roles.

If you’re interested in offering capstone learning opportunities, hiring EDGE UP program graduates, and/or sharing your industry experience with EDGE UP students, let us know!

The Digital Transformation

Calgary companies will lead the $20 billion spend on digital transformation in Alberta from 2021 to 2024. The demand for a skilled digital technology workforce is growing, and digital technology is scaling quickly in the city. As such, the transition of these professionals into digital technology jobs across Calgary, is mutually beneficial for both job seekers and business.
Calgary’s Digital Transformation Spend

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