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Angela has a passion for identifying and understanding trends in data with a reputation for providing trusted and innovative solutions. Armed with her freshly upskilled toolkit, she is excited to pivot these skills into a new career in Calgary Tech!

Detailed Bio

Angela is an experienced mid-career professional with a strong technical background and proven track record delivering innovative and creative solutions. Throughout her career, she has proven herself to be a highly adaptable logical thinker with a curious attitude. This curiosity gives her an edge to recognize trends in data. Once identified, she pursues her investigation into their nature in order to understand the why’s and how’s of their occurrence and what resolvable action needs to be taken. She is a respected project manager with an outstanding ability to communicate as both a trusted leader and mentor. Her ability to synthesize technical interpretations into comprehensive presentations, results in clear recommendations for management used for strategic decision making. Her passion for learning and continual improvement inspired her to initiate numerous field workshops throughout her career to educate teammates and colleagues in areas relevant to company interests. This same drive, lead her to pursue and complete an intense Data Analytics upskilling program through EDGEUP, partnered with SAIT. With a commitment to teamwork, attention to detail, and zest for excellence, Angela thrived at the challenges presented to her with this program and as a result developed a new clarity for data architecture, management and problem solving. Her freshly upskilled technical toolkit combined with her seasoned professional experience will be an indispensable asset in pursuit of her new career in Calgary’s growing technology sector. Watch out Calgary tech! Angela is eager to join a highly skilled and energetic team near you!

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