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Brief Skills Info

David is an apt data driven tech-savvy team player with a strong background in Data Analytics, equipped with well-honed skills in database management, SQL scripting, Python programming, Azure services, industry standard analytics software and utilizing the cloud. He possesses a dual degree in Engineering and Management and a very successful track record of project management and highly developed business acumen, guaranteeing value-added actionable insights.

Detailed Bio

David is a professional engineer with over 10 years of well-rounded and diverse project management experience in which he developed a fantastic track record in a highly competitive, fast-paced environment, valuing the importance of meticulously gathered facts and data to achieve consistent successful results. David has an eye for identifying opportunities and optimization with the drive to spearhead his ideas from inception to close.  

His passion lies in data visualization and statistics as he believes it’s key in communicating complex ideas and in its tremendous ability to draw out conclusions when paired with his talent for critical thinking. He is committed to lifelong continuous learning, both for personal enjoyment, and to ensure the knowledge he possesses stays relevant and cutting edge.  

Experience the benefit from leveraging his superior Data Analytical skills recently upgraded in Canada’s best upskilling program EDGE UP, facilitated by SAIT, where he developed the knowledge, skills, and aptitude to apply fundamental principles of data analytics to support business decision-making processes, creating accurate and meaningful data to provide actionable insights. 

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