IT Project Management &

Brief Skills Info

Florin’s thrill to overcome challenges is driven by curiosity and talent for innovation in whatever he does. He is excited to apply active listening and facilitation skills into the IT project management field after 15+ years of experience in managing and collaborating with cross functional teams in oil and gas projects. He is a Professional Engineer with a background in Petroleum and Mechanical Engineering.

Detailed Bio

Florin utilized leadership abilities to manage and collaborate with cross-functional teams in 3 different provinces to meet tight deadlines, provincial and federal regulatory compliance with 100 % success. These requirements allowed him to demonstrate comprehensive communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills that showcased his ability to work with a team and achieve results.

Florin’s skillsets are tailored to the agile and waterfall methodologies used in the IT environment. He recently obtained the Certificate of Completion in IT Project Management (University of Calgary) and he is currently working towards PMP and Scrum Master certifications.

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