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Kris is a lifelong learner and puzzle solver. He was trained as a Geoscientist and as a graduate of the highly competitive Edge Up data analytics program, Kris is ready to tackle data challenges in all industries.

Detailed Bio

The years spent extracting, transforming, loading and interpreting oil and gas data are very transferrable in the pivot to analytics.

As a top-rated software instructor and presenter, Kris is adept at communicating complex software and its interactions with data. A good story and a dose of humour was always the key to a good class or presentation.

In his spare time, Kris mentors youth, sharing his love of the outdoors and pursuing an active lifestyle through Scouts Canada. He started as a volunteer leader and took on increasing responsibilities currently serving as the group’s commissioner.
As a Data Analyst / Data Scientist, Kris is curious about what makes the difference between good, great, and excellent. Whether it is developing new technologies, improving business process, or athletic performance. Like hunting for the elusive end on a roll of tape, he searches for the hidden meaning with determination.

Using his expanded toolkit which involves Python, SQL query, SQL Database design, predictive analytics, and knowledge of cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Kris can combine the latest tools with his long history integrating data and software to produce value for an organization.

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