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Dynamic, task-oriented and critical thinking professional who constantly challenges herself and continually seeks career growth and development. Background in leading professional teams, managing venders and leading data acquisition projects.

Detailed Bio

I pursue best practice in everything involved and believe that hard work, knowledge and team collaboration lead to remarkable results. After in-depth systems training in Information Technology Management from the University of Calgary continuing education, I am excited and eager to bring my extraordinary 25+years of international oil & Gas experience to digital industry.

My transferable Skills & Expertise:
• Ideation – fascinated by ideas and always seeks for best practice. My ideation strength stems from variety complex projects as geo-scientific professional.
• Connectedness – adept at developing, promoting and applying cutting-edge information techniques for an extensive variety of technical business functions and applications.
• Communication – exciting to work with people. My past roles as Business Development Manager, Project Manager and Account Manager with large organizations developed my curiosity and enthusiasm in the fast-growing field of Information Technology and demonstrated my ability to work collaboratively with team members.
• Intellection – a dynamic, task-oriented and critical thinking professional who constantly challenges myself and continually seeks career growth and development in order to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives.
• Certificate of Completion in IT Project Management (University of Calgary)
• In progress – Business Intelligence (BI) ( University of Calgary)
• Professional Petrophysicist – M.Eng., B. Sc., B.Eng.

My passion for hard work, positive attitude, strong problem solving skills and past business experience would bring a wealth experience and incredible value to her future employer.

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