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Rob has broad skills in project management, joint venture commercial, energy engineering, and now expanding experience to IT project management. My passion includes inspiring teams through creativity & prioritized focus to achieve business value-add goals.

Detailed Bio

Rob has always been driven to organize, prioritize and quickly get the most important things done first, and done well. That sense of great accomplishment brings him joy.
** Jumping up to a whiteboard to facilitate a group on creative alternatives, six-thinking hats, or mind maps are like a double shot of Nespresso Ristretto to Rob.
** Double stars on potential huge business value-add strategic alternatives are like winning the lotto max.
His career began after a mechanical engineering degree from University of Alberta, then energy positions across a wide range. MBA degree was earned while overseas working for Saudi Aramco.
Rob’s skills and experience include:
* Led project control group, achieving improved project efficiency with top safety records
* Improved team performance with motivation, listening, coaching and empowering
* Developed global mindset from multi-cultural diverse teamwork experience in Canada, US and overseas
* Negotiated commercial joint venture projects to positive win-win resolution
* Maintained quality stakeholder relationships, and change and risk management, to achieve successful projects
* Agile Scrum project teams
Rob is excited to apply these business & team skills to IT project management, commercial and business success

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